Many agencies do not consider infrastructure as a priority

Here at Pollux we are totally convinced that having a decent, scalable one can help bring your business to a whole new level. We offer totally elastic services which we can easily expand or reduce according to your needs. We do not work with any cheap shared hosting company, instead we only use the whole Amazon Web Services stack.

To give some insight, the revenue on Black Friday in the year 2018 in the US was about 6.2 billions of dollars (a 23,6% increase from 2017) if you think about it, not only the absolute number is amazing, but also the yearly increment too. Now, imagine not being able to capitalize such a large sum of new customers and potential sells that day? well, here at Pollux we will not let it happen, promise!.

Having a proper infrastructure will also help your website to run faster and to be safer, and it will improve your customers’ experience exponentially. In fact, according to research led by Akamai, a two-second delay in page load time can increase bounce rate by more than 100%. In other words, having a clean and friendly user experience will also improve your conversion rate and therefore your sales.

We do not only use a state-of-the-art hardware and servers platform but we also combine it with the best practices available in terms of optimization and customization, in order to deliver a very specific and cost-effective solution for your problems. We are always learning new things and we try to renew our technologies stack often.